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Zero Tax Planning

How much of your hard-earned retirement will you get to keep?

If you’d like to reduce your income taxes in retirement, or possibly achieve the 0% tax bracket, we can help. At Attleboro, we use financial planning techniques and investment management strategies to help you avoid the impact of rising tax rates and other costly retirement risks.
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WATCH: What Happens to Tax Rates in 2026?

Tax-Free Income for Life

Build life-long income streams into your portfolio so you won’t run the risk of outliving your money.

Principle Protection

Protect a portion of your portfolio from market losses and create safe and productive rates of return.

Minimize Social Security Taxes

Add 5-7 years of longevity to your retirement income by lowering the amount you pay into Social Security over your lifetime.

Long-Term Care Provisions

Mitigate one of retirement’s greatest risks – healthcare costs – with tailored provisions for long-term care within your retirement plan.

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Optimizing your investments for retirement income using the Power of Zero Tax Strategy can be a game-changer for your financial future. This strategy, popularized by David McKnight, focuses on strategically minimizing your tax liabilities during retirement, ultimately maximizing your income. The Power of Zero Tax Strategy helps shield your retirement savings from potential tax increases and allows you to enjoy a steady stream of tax-free income throughout your golden years. By implementing this approach, you can position yourself for financial security, peace of mind, and a worry-free retirement, as you benefit from the power of zero taxes on your investment earnings.
Elize POZ Advisor Group

When it comes to getting to the Power of Zero tax bracket and tax-free retirement planning, not all advisors are created equal. The Elite POZ Advisor Group is a collection of trained professionals that have been vetted by David McKnight himself. There are a number of requirements that someone needs to have completed before they can enter the group.

Are You Ready Maximize Your Retirement Income? We can help you.

Are you managing the risks that affect financial success? Do you have the right amount of savings and investments in the right kinds of accounts? Do you have tax-efficient or tax-free distribution strategies in place? We can help – let’s talk!