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Welcome to Attleboro Wealth Management

Our firm specializes in helping individuals develop sound retirement strategies. If you are retired – or approaching retirement – please take the time to explore our website and the wealth of information we offer. We offer personalized, hands-on service. We educate our clients about financial concepts and products, and take the mystery out of investing, insurance, estate conservation, and preserving wealth.

We understand the many challenges of retirement today and know the biggest concern for many is outliving their money. We are fiduciaries, only ever acting with our clients’ best interests first, foremost, and always. We focus on financial planning and money management and our proprietary approach to wealth planning and investment management sets us apart from other advisors. 

Our Services

Zero-Tax Strategies

We believe our country’s fiscal challenges will result in significantly higher taxes in retirement. We show our clients how to save and shift their assets to be tax-efficient and sometimes achieve the 0% tax bracket in retirement. As a member of David McKnight’s Elite Power of Zero Advisor Group, Mark Byelich represents the gold standard for advisors who are dedicated to getting their clients to the Power of Zero tax bracket in retirement.

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Financial Planning

Our financial plans address the “what-if’s” that may occur in your retirement. We construct tax-efficient income streams that can help you reach the zero-tax income bracket when you reach retirement.


Investments Investments Investments-There are so many options. We focus on finding the best, low-cost options to help you to meet your needs. We have a special approach that is designed to help protect your hard-earned money while allowing for the growth you need to live on in the future. We do it differently than most, find out how.

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Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Disability Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance — Insurance can be complicated. We will help you determine what is best for you.

Get started today

A complimentary meeting with the founder and owner of Attleboro Wealth Management, Mark Byelich, is the first step in planning for a zero-tax retirement.